A THz Pulse Radiator Based on PIN Diode Reverse Recovery

The repetition rate of the generated pulses is programmable using the input trigger, which can be tuned to as high as 10.5 GHz. The power consumption of the driver stage is 20 mW at 5.5 GHz repetition-rate. An on-chip slot bow-tie antenna is employed for radiating the THz pulses with a total efficiency above 60% over the band of radiation.

The spectrum of the radiated pulses was measured from 320 GHz up to 1.1 THz using the VDI SAX and the Keysight N9030A PXA signal analyzer. This work demonstrates higher radiation power at frequencies above 300 GHz, a flatter average ERIP spectrum, and lower power consumption compared to the state of the art. A micrograph of the fabricated chip.