• MM-Wave System Design which Tracks Device Mobility


  • MOCA: Mobility resilience and Overhead Constrained Adaptation for directional 60 GHz links


  • DSSM: Diverse Spectrum Spatial Multiplexing


  • Self-Mixing Picosecond Impulse Receiver with an On-Chip Antenna for High-Speed Wireless Clock Synchronization


  • Wireless Synchronization of mm-wave Arrays in 65nm CMOS


  • Sub-picosecond Wireless Synchronization Based on a Millimeter-Wave Impulse Receiver with an On-chip Antenna in 0.13um SiGe BiCMOS


  • A Single-Chip In-Band Full-Duplex Low-IF Transceiver with Self-Interference Cancellation


  • A 4ps Amplitude Reconfigurable Impulse Radiator with THz-TDS Characterization Method in 0.13um SiGe BiCMOS


  • A Fully Integrated Injection-Locked Picosecond Pulse Receiver for 0.29psrms-Jitter Wireless Clock Synchronization in 65nm CMOS